Our journey began when..

every dominant force in the world was bowing down to access
to unlimited fashion choices. Not allowing the consumer to
rethink their purchases. The exploration unravelled when we
started to trace back the product life cycle. We chose to
break the dopamine high by connecting dots with materials
that are durable, long-lasting, and most importantly
compatible with your fashion choices!

Kintsugi, built on the idea of embracing flaws and
imperfections, can mend strong bonds eventually with time
and space. We chose to curate our creations with the sheer realization of waste management, eventually mending our materials with innovative craftsmanship.

Everything that looks waste, isn't necessarily waste. After
having worked in the fashion sector for decades our
perspective toward waste upgraded enormously. Econock
hence was born out of our quest to mend the broken
loopholes in society. 

Econock has chosen to break the boundaries of the fast fashion
loop by handpicking the most authentic pieces of quality
materials to reincarnate their worth in our consumption. 

Hurdling countless trajectories along the way, Econock managed
its breakthrough by action-oriented team spirit. Every piece of article that hasn't even
seen a wardrobe long enough ends up in a landfill, resulting in piles of disasters!

Evolution brought changes in the lives of every aspect of living organisms.
From industrialization to materialistic hoarding we've seen it all.
Every article of produce that hasn't seen a wardrobe ends up
in a landfill, causing disastrous destruction.


Econock steps in to break some of these existing norms
by providing you with choices that make you rethink, appreciate
and honour your accessory while you walk it back home.

Let us join hands together to be mindful yet sustainabily preach a sense of fashion!