Our Team

Alim Ashraf

Hailing from the land of Bihar, we have an amazing artisan who has worked in the field of fashion industry for more than a decade. Alim spent his initial teen years learning the functionality of the leather industry in a small scale unit with his family. Alim believes in making accessories that hold value for multiple purposes and is appreciated by the crowd.

“As a master artisan my main identity is all about creating new things day in and out, something that has been unexplored” says Alim.

Phool Babu

Phool Babu is our self taught artisan who spent a good amount of years building his skill set in Delhi. He binds our leather and gives life to skilled craftsmanship. With close to 15 years of experience in the field, he gradually picked his skill set while he worked with various industries in the country.

“He believes his creations have no boundaries and seeks to empower the craftsmanship for the sustainable fashion industry!”


Meet Mashroor Alam, a true craftsman and a man of honour, who has dedicated his life to the art of leather craftsmanship. From the young age of 15, Mashroor discovered his passion for the craft. Despite starting in a mechanical factory where the dress code was restrictive, his love for the fashion industry drove him to pursue his dreams. He takes pleasure in ensuring that every piece he crafts is not only stylish but also brings joy to the wearer. His artistic skills and commitment to quality have earned him a reputation as one of the most reliable and talented leather craftsmen in the industry.


Noorhasan has spent decades carefully mastering the art of embroidery. He believes the quality of his work plays the utmost importance to him.

“When a person invests all his time, energy and headspace in learning a skill, you eventually can reproduce any thought or idea into reality” adds Noorhasan.

Jeevan Nath

A saviour in disguise who never shies away to be there for the team. Jeevan hails from Uttarakhand and has spent 12 years in the fashion industry working for renowned designers across the country.

Jeevan is one among the most punctual assets to the community and believes in spreading joy and kindness while he works his sweat out.


From a young age, Sheetal's love for drawing led her to explore the world of intricate designs. Her remarkable ability to ace design challenges even as a child shaped her early experiences and her unique perspective, allowing her to weave captivating storylines into her products. Each piece she crafts is a reflection of her soul, pouring her heart into every intricate detail.

"I would like the world to embrace the concept of minimalism that value the notion of "less is more" says Sheetal.


Allow us to introduce you to Waheed, a creative soul hailing from a village in Uttar Pradesh. From a tender age, he found delight in playing with dirt, moulding it into ingenious forms that sparked his imagination. As he ventures into the world of 3D design, Waheed dreams of crafting utilitarian products that boast eclectic and innovative forms. His passion is fueled with admiration towards manual craftsmanship and its ability to create stunning surfaces that tell stories of their own. His design language is a homage to the beauty of handmade work, and he seeks to carry that essence forward into the modern world.

Phool Babu

Meet Phool Babu, a skilled artisan hailing from Darbanga, Bihar. With a passion for leather manufacturing, he made his way to Delhi through his brother's guidance. For the past 18 years, Phool has been honing his craft, starting with a job in Delhi and constantly exploring new avenues in the field. Working with leather brings him immense joy, but what truly fascinates him is the art of transforming leather scraps into something remarkable. Witnessing the wastage over the years, he has developed a deep appreciation for working with waste, and understanding its significance in saving resources, especially in today's world.


Gouri's designs hold an inspiration acquired from the existence of ancient weapons, spirituality and her thoughts. A puddle of joy who believes she was born for unconventional creations!

“As I sketch every piece of accessory for the world, I look forward to reducing every ounce of waste we generate on the planet. This waste will have a language and we are working towards eliminating the brutality of waste generated through our upcycled creations!” says Gouri


Soaked in the enthusiasm to revive Earth with his ideologies and design thinking, Ribhav has spent decades in understanding the fashion industry. He has a vision that allows sustainability to breathe in an unconventional way, breaking the monotonous aspects of fashion. Curbing the damage caused by high end industries, Ribhav believes in designing every waste towards a practical end with maximal utilisation of industrial byproducts.

“I seek towards breaking the toxic loop of fast fashion by introducing conscious purchase involving multiple utility” says Ribhav.