Econock Collective

Econock is a self-sufficient brand focusing entirely on slow and circular fashion choices. We strive towards minimal use of new resources and pivot entirely on upvaluing the existing materials.

Every ounce of a discarded industrial shed is handcrafted into a fine piece of art. We eliminate the guilt of fast fashion and consumption by bringing products that are consciously crafted for slow and mindful living.

Econock was born when the world hit a massive downfall in 2020. We are designed for the apocalypse. we preach gender-neutral functional accessories to give more authenticity to groundbreaking styles for you.

We embark on a path of longevity, durability and authenticity of our creations leading to the multipurpose functionality of our accessories.

Pick one, fuel the purpose of many!

ECO means ecosystem, and NOCK represents the idea of nature knocking
at your doorstep to awaken an ample amount of possibilities churned out of waste.

Our planet needs to be healed in multiple ways, we tend to hold onto every scrap of waste to create a timeless product! Rooted in design as a point of departure, Econock's contemporary craftsmanship envisions a future, in which we take better care of our natural resources. Eventually, we work on innovative ways of transforming industrial byproducts into ethical tools of consumption, resulting in a circular economy.

Econock believes in curating new horizons by exploring vast depths of sustainability and customized accessories based on your will!