Our Materials


Developing countries supply more than half of raw leather stocks for various industries including fashion. Here at Econock we found this to be an inflicting problem and chose to find the solution in our way by stepping forward with upcycling leather. All the leather accessories are sourced from industrial wastes and are further fine-tuned to make our products. Eliminating the production of fresh leather.


Every year the fashion industry seeks to discard fabrics of various sizes and textures. These fabrics are neither recycled nor utilized in any way and end up in landfills in huge amounts. We combine the fabrics using machine embroidery to deliver luxurious high functional utilities for our consumers.


We aim toward leaving no strand of thread behind. Like fabrics, even threads play a major role in the fashion industry, but unfortunately, these threads have no future whatsoever. They spend the rest of their lives in the corners of industries or end up in landfills causing land pollution and further contaminating the water bodies eventually. Our designers find a creative knack to design accessories using these single strands of threads.