Our Philosophy


Our current motivation is to continue revolutionising how we wear and what we wear. Econock believes in stepping out of the box to create a customised experience for every individual who seeks a woke life.

We bring something for everyone by breaking gender barriers. By reimagining high-tide unisex accessories Econock revives desires in a unique set of possibilities by keeping the gender norms aside at bay. Expression of oneness is boundless of gender, allowing us to create the embodiment of genderless fashion in modern times.


Leather is one of the booming materials in the fashion industry, India approximately produces 479,000 tonnes of raw skin every year accounting for 13% of leather production worldwide. However, the mass production of leather requires fulfilling the demands of livestock and the post-production process.

Here is where Econock steps in! By making the best use of discarded leather, fabrics and threads we eliminate the initiation of raw material processing. Resulting in upcycling the existing material towards a functional cause. We have pledged to design long-term, purpose-driven, sustainable accessories within the planetary boundaries of our societal growth.

In the world of fast fashion where every design gets a small window of functionality, we at Econock aim toward turning the table. By curating designs availing slow fashion, we intend to break the loop of mass production in major landfills. It’s the need of the hour to find a new perspective on what we consume. Our idea of upcycling and upvaluing remnants of discarded waste results in a timeless fashion.


Less is more!

At Econock we thrive on creating designs that boost the spirit of minimalism. We focus on reducing our carbon footprint by gracefully stepping down manufacturing of any new raw materials

By incorporating less we take one step closer to breaking the current consumption culture of fast fashion. We bridge the gap between discarded pieces of leather and fabrics by weaving them into a high-quality functional accessory.

Econock brings exclusive timeless designs by honouring the idea of choices with minimal effort. Instead of stepping into the vast hype of consumption, here we provide access to conscious choices with multiple perspectives. We are leading to more holistic and mindful intentions.

We celebrate the vast dimensions of design creation
with the help of our craftsmen and artisans.

Every valuable material that has the possibility to be refined into a functional product goes under the radar of our team to produce a top-notch accessory.