Indian Label Econock Turns Discarded Leather & Fabrics Into Gender-Fluid Accessories

Indian Label Econock Turns Discarded Leather & Fabrics Into Gender-Fluid Accessories

In a world marked by rampant consumerism and environmental challenges, where the fashion industry has inadvertently become the second-largest producer of waste on the planet after Big Oil, a beacon of hope shines brightly through the emergence of ethical brands that dare to envision a sustainable future. Among these pioneers, 'Econock' stands tall, embracing the ethos of Kintsugi in their latest collections, the revered Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with precious metals, to mend the shattered state of the fashion industry and elevate waste into works of art.

Derived from the amalgamation of 'eco for ecosystem and 'nock' symbolizing nature's call, Econock's philosophy reverberates with nature's gentle knocking at our doors, urging us to awaken possibilities from waste. Rooted in design, the brand undertakes a mission to heal the planet by transforming discarded fragments of a flawed system into timeless pieces that echo the design aesthetic of Kintsugi-adorned bowls. Econock's conceptualized aesthetics like 'Eco-Tech Explorer' and 'Urban Simulationist' epitomize the essence of "Crafted Simulation," seamlessly melding technology with human craftsmanship.

Econock's commitment to sustainability is resolute, as it navigates the waters of slow and circular fashion, aligning its essence with the principles of a circular economy. The brand's ingenuity lies in its ability to convert industrial byproducts into ethical tools of consumption, thereby reducing the strain on Earth's resources. This transformation breathes life into accessories that harmonize functionality with aesthetics, mirroring the brand's unwavering dedication to slow and mindful living.

Econock's latest collections, 'SOLSTICE' and 'CREATION OF EVE', beautifully embody the brand's ethos and artistic innovation. "SOLSTICE" presents a meticulously curated jewelry line that rejuvenates discarded materials through upcycling, radiating the essence of eco-conscious fashion and environmental responsibility. CREATION OF EVE draws from Eve's untold narrative, elegantly interweaving sustainability and sophistication by reimagining discarded leather scraps with intricate gold embroidery. This collection mirrors Eve's rebirth, transforming materials into striking symbols of reinvention

Ribhav Kapur, the founder, and Gouri Rawal, the creative head of Econock, have masterfully sculpted a brand that transcends mere fashion; it is a movement that champions conscious consumerism, propelling a shift towards longevity, durability, and authenticity in a world overrun by fleeting trends. "Our journey began when every dominant force in the world was bowing down to access unlimited fashion choices. Not allowing the consumer to rethink their purchases," Kapur and Rawal explain, shedding light on the genesis of their ethical venture.

Econock's narrative underscores a profound realization: what appears to be waste is often imbued with untapped potential. Redefining our perspective on waste, Econock has established itself as a vehicle for healing the fractures within the relationship between society and the ecosystem through conscious design.

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