Our Pillars

Honouring Earth

By being conscious consumers we are one step closer to healing our planet. Mass production has wounded earth in ways that are beyond repair. At Econock we bring products born out of a conscious mindset to you. Buckle your seatbelts while we take you on a rollercoaster ride of accessories to help eliminate waste in a glamorous way.

Building Community

We are aware it isn't a one wo(man) show. It's teamwork where we all play an equal role and part. As we take one step closer towards knitting mindful products, we seek your involvement in our journey. Econock breathes sustainability in a multidimensional way. We are bound to creativity and bow down to team spirit!

Redifining Fashion Choices

Sustainability is not only about recycling or going minimal, it is also about ethical choices and production. We precisely source our byproducts and make conscious decisions while crafting each accessory.